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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Melville Macnaghten

MACNAGHTEN, Melville Leslie
Born : 1853, Son of the last Chairman of the East India Company.
Educated : Eton.
1873-1887 : Overseer of the family tea plantations in India.
1881 : Assaulted by Indian land rioters and meets James Monro, who is District Judge and Inspector General of Police in Bengal at the time. The two men become good friends.
1887 : Returns to England and is offered the job of Assistant Chief Constable in the Metropolitan Police by James Monro but his appointment is blocked by Commissioner Warren.
1889 : Jun - Appointed Assistant Chief Constable (CID).
1890 : Promoted to Chief Constable (CID).
1903 : Promoted to Assistant Commissioner (CID). He was to become the first Assistant Commisioner to personally arrest a burglar.
1908 : Awarded the CBE.
1914 : Published his memoirs "Days of My Years".
1921 : Died.

Source: Begg, Fido, and Skinner. The Jack the Ripper A-Z.

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