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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

He is not dead but liveth

He is not dead but liveth "Sue Iremonger, a member of the World Association of Document Examiners, is at present engaged in a fresh study of the Ripper letters. She believes a communication of 6th October to be in the same hand as the "Dear Boss' letter and does not think either of them could have been produced by Best's flattened Waverley nib. "He is not dead but liveth" and continued that the writer was about to "recommence operations" in that neighbourhood and signed 'Jack the Ripper'. The second letter, coming after widespread reporting of the case on 7th June, went on to say "I see you have not caught me yet? Look out for the pieces." ... The Complete History of Jack the Ripper Philip Sugden The quote comes from "He is not dead but liveth" was published in the Dominion Illustrated 11th Aug 1888 translated by John Talon-Lesperance.

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